The man of my dreams, my boyfriend has a slutty, alpha male past. He has slept with countless women, cheated on them and was a complete whore. Until recently, he met me, and everything changed (well mostly). He is still very stubborn, complains sometimes, back talks, rolls his eyes, has a blunt personality, can be insensitive, and has an ego through the roof! However, he is a very good guy and seriously wants to change for the better. He loves me to death and would do anything for me. He has changed me for the better. He is honestly my hero, and now I want to help him too. In the beginning of our relationship, we had a huge blowout that almost broke us up, and I was destroyed by our arguments, as I would be in tears, crying my heart out to him. The way in which we handle our disagreements has taken a drastic change for the better. We have found solutions to many of our issues through complete, utter control and ownership. He has made tremendous progress in such a short amount of time. As fights would have me feeling bad, the tables have completely turned. Today, an argument lands my sub fighting back tears, in panties and stockings, along with a paddle across his ass, while he is begging for mercy and forgiveness. The solution to arguments is simple. Complete domination. This is the chronicles of domme therapy. The good, the bad and the ugly. The life of a sissy, slut, and submissive boyfriend. Enjoy.

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